Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
in Translational Bioinformatics

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In Silico lab specialised in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We combine Innovation with Big Data Technologies to help our clients get best results.

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BG MagneChlo: Genome Viewer

BG MagneChlo is an independent standalone powerful Genome viewer for Next Generation Sequence Analysis.

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Highly skilled and specialised in AI, ML and Translational Bioinformatics.

The Center of Excellence

NYSCHEY is an in-silico research hub for aspiring scientists, a source of artificially intelligent innovation for bioinformatics & big data technology industries.

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A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
began to grow in 2020.


We conduct various training programmes in Bioinformatics, Statistics, Big Data Analysis, Big Data Programming and NGS Analysis(WGS, WES & RNAseq)

NGS Analysis

Whole Genome Sequencing - WGS, Whole Exome Sequencing - WES, and RNA Sequencing - RNAseq pipelines will be conducted at Nyschey.


We do provide outsourcing for Bioinformatics Analysis (SNPs, Indels & GWAS), DNA Fingerprinting Analysis, Health & Medical Consultation and DNA Profilling.

BG MagneChlo: Genome Viewer

This is a power tool specially designed for multiple analysis of NGS data analysis. This has an in-built data visualiser for better presentation.

AI & ML - Molecular Diagnostics

AI & ML powered powered molecular diagnostics will play vital role in diagnostics in clinical drug discovery, drug analysis & testing, and drug development.

Research & Development

Nyschey is conducting several international collaborative research & development programmes in the field of translational bioinformatics.

Meet our team

A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
began to grow in 2020.




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